About Us
Take green environmental protection coating as the main line to reduce the environmental pollution caused by R & D and production
Reduce environmental pollution caused by R & D and production.The color difference and viscosity are inconsistent
Develop new products every six months.To meet the different needs of different customers
Experienced professional R & D team of art paint.To provide customers with more intimate and accurate product customization
PennAdditives LLC, a privately owned and headquartered in Nanjing, China, is a specialty chemical producer and supplier. Pennadditives is best known to produce and supply a range of quality water-based rheology modifiers (thickener), polymer-dispersants, adhesion promoters (monomers), and agrochemical formulations etc..
Green environmental protection
Color consistency
Update optimization
Customized products
Personalized artistic effect
The main product dry powder wall material is made of several natural materials through innovative technology. According to the requirements of customers, personalized art modeling processing, decorative effect and wallpaper comparable.
The product itself does not add harmful substances. Through rigorous technical innovation, decomposition of formaldehyde, increase the content of negative ions, through continuous accumulation. The net increase of negative ions per cubic meter of air is 930000.
Clean air
Excellent environmental protection and physical properties
The product is characterized by environmental protection, is a "zero formaldehyde, zero VOC. Zero harmful substances" environmental protection products. At the same time, the performance indexes of scrub resistance and mildew resistance are far beyond the standards of traditional coatings, wallpaper and diatom mud.
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